• 100% Commission on Service Fees
  • 80/20% Commission Split
  • Commissions are paid on the 15th of each month following collection
  • Reports are utilized for commission tracking
  • No fees on exchanges, voids and refunds

Fees:                       $75 Per year, Association Fee, includes error policy.
                               (Pro-rated at $6.25/month, payable February 15th.)

Airline Tickets:         $5 Per ticket through GDS.
                                (No charge for Internet issued tickets)

Activation Fee:        None


  • Dedicated Support
  • Technical Support
  • Management Records
  • Travel Leader's Consortium
  • Agent Information Website
  • Daily Communications of Vendor Promotions, FAM Trips, Seminars & News
  • Yearly Preferred Supplier Product Meeting

Commission: 80/20% Commission Split
Description: Success On Demand gives you all the features of Basic Success plus a Comprehensive Marketing Solution.
Elements: Digital Materials, Promotional Advertising and optional Print Materials
Website Features: Administration Area and Database Management

WorldClass Marketing Solution:
Success On Demand gives you a winning combination of marketing tools to market your agency. The elements of Digital Materials, Promotional Advertising and (optional) Print Materials are a great way to promote you and your agency. Explore the highlights of the Success On Demand marketing solution!

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The Success On Demand website is a customized travel agent website with personalized information about your agency, staff and expertise in sections: Home Page, About Us, and Contact Us. Create custom specialty offers with images to be displayed on your site. Three online forms: Trip Request, Contact Us, and Newsletter Sign-Up capture the client information and directly loads details to your client database.



Promotional E-Mails:
WorldClass Travel Network makes sending promotional offerings easy.
Twice a month WorldClass Travel Network will send out a HTML e-mail to your clients highlighting the current promotions. In addition, once a month an e-newsletter customizable with your company news and promotions will be sent to your clients.. Special Promotions can be created and installed on your site.



Promotional E-Newsletter:
Once a month WorldClass Travel Network will send out an e-newsletter customizable with your company news and promotions. You can personalize the e-newsletter greeting, add your own special promotions, view the e-newsletter and send a test e-newsletter.

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