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I just want to sing the praises of WorldClass Travel.  My computer was attacked by the most recent circulating computer virus. I pride myself in being up-to-date and being extremely careful about visiting web sites and not opening e-mail from unknown or unfamiliar senders. However, I was fooled by the recent virus. I can guarantee anyone that if that had happened prior to my signing on with WorldClass that I would not have received the dedicated support that Bob provided. Bob, you were so patient and helpful, I just can not express how grateful I am to you.


Every time I have needed help, you all are efficient and dedicated to assisting me with any problems. You are the best support staff that I have ever experienced, even with 30+ years at the U of M. I believe that any other host agency would have said "that's your problem, you'll have to call the Geek Squad and pay for their services". I cannot imagine that any other host agencies, who are hot on the trail to find independent agents would provide the immediate service that I received.  Thank you!


Harriet M.
Cottage Grove, MN


WorldClass Travel Network (WCTN) gives me the confidence to operate a full-service travel business in the comfort of my home office in Vancouver, B.C.  I never feel overwhelmed with the computer and its technology because with a phone call to Bob or Sheri, I get any issues solved.  I would never have dreamed of owning my personal website.  The quick and professional set-up of my website by Margaret is an immeasurable boost to my business. Julie, Rena, Julie Marie and Jill make sure that confirmations from vendors are received immediately after booking them and commissions posted for tracking purposes.  WCTN  pays very well and on time.  The commission pay out is so generous and exceedingly fair.  How many companies are out there who would keep a commission for themselves because there was no invoice to attach to it? WCTN broadcasts the received check and will find the travel agent who probably inadvertently forgot to invoice a sale!  To the owners and staff of WorldClass Travel & Cruises, I appreciate all the support and education you have given me.
I am proud to be affiliated with a world-class of honest, friendly and knowledgeable group of leaders in the travel industry.

Dora C.
North Vancouver, B.C.


The staff at WorldClass Travel Network was the original reason I joined their independent program and my opinion changed a bit! In fact, it’s more evident every day. They have become my business “family.” I feel extremely comfortable calling for help when I need it and knowing that I will receive competent, cheerful service. The implementation of their program has been icing on the cake. The professionalism and technological components of the program has made my business much more competitive. Ray Kroc, founder of the McDonald’s Corporation, once said that an independent contractor should be in business “for themselves but not by themselves.” That is exactly the atmosphere that WorldClass Travel Network provided.

Patricia M.
Stillwater, MN


The program through WorldClass Travel Network is providing me with many benefits. I now have a web page that is kept current with special offers and I can even customize parts of it to emphasize things that I feel are important to my particular business. What I really enjoy about the program is the networking with other independent travel agents. I no longer feel “all alone” in my business. I have made many new friends to share travel experience with and also to enhance my industry knowledge. Thank you WorldClass Travel Network for giving us this rewarding program!

Char P.
Little Canada, MN


I have been an independent agent with WorldClass Travel for many years. I must say it has been a joy. When I first met with Julie Buchanan I was immediately aware that they were committed to helping me make my business profitable. Over the years this commitment continues to remain strong. They are on top of the industry, they understand the expectations, the needs and the frustrations of the independent agent, and they are not afraid to offer suggestions and make changes to help me run a profitable business. On the technical side, not my specialty, Bob Buchanan has been a lifesaver for me on multiple occasions. I find it funny how I can work on a computer all day long and be almost completely in the dark as to how the thing works. Bob calmly performs what I consider to be miracles in this big bad technological world. I think the two most important qualities that Julie and Bob possess are that they are available and that they are fair. They are not invisible people in a big company, they are always reachable. And I think I can speak for other independents in saying that these people are fair, they have a lot of long term agents on their team and without fairness we wouldn’t stick around. I am proud to be associated with WorldClass Travel and with their commitment to success.

Ann L.
Minneapolis, MN


In 2003, my (former) host agency started to go downhill. I was not getting my earned commissions for three months, then six, then a year. I began looking and asking around for a highly recommendable host agency. I talked to some of them but for some reason I did not get the impression of a “helping hand”. Because I have already lost hard earned commissions, I did not want to get burned again. Finally, I came across WorldClass Travel from an agent who also came from my former host agency. I called and talked to Sheri. The moment I talked to her, I knew this was it! I found the agency to join.  Sheri talked about the program and answered all my questions.  She listened to my sad story like a friend I’ve known for a long time. I did not hesitate at that point to join them. I signed up right away.  All the people I have dealt with at WorldClass Travel Network have given me the “helping hand” I was looking for. Whether it is Sheri, Bob or Rena, they have given me their time, support and most of all the feeling that they are there for you when you need them. This is very important for a Home-Based agent. 

Arcel T.


I have known the owners of WorldClass Travel Network, Julie and Bob Buchanan, for 17 years. I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of their organization. WorldClass Travel Network is focused on all aspects of travel and are able to give all Independent Contractors the help and information they need to do successful bookings. We receive the latest information daily on discounts and specials for travel tours, cruises, and packages. We are also informed on the seminars that are available for information on travel year round. Most importantly, Julie and Bob treat us like part of their family and we are able to contact them any time we need advice.

Harriet C.
Minnetonka, MN


I have been an Independent Agent for over 10 years. I have always been interested in the travel industry, but never had the time until I retired. I began working for an agency in St. Paul, but when the airlines cut the commissions the owner wanted us to charge a $30 service fee and pay us 60% - so I moved on. My next experience was so bad that I had to take the company to court to receive over $4,000 in commissions they owed me. Then a friend hooked me up with WorldClass Travel. The World “Class” is key to their operation. They operate a first class operation with a staff that rivals any organization. They are on top of everything and very knowledgeable of their products. As with their clients, their Independent Contractors are #1. I can’t imagine working with any other agency.

Kathy G.
Minneapolis, MN



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